What is an allergy?

Allergies are exaggerated immune reactions, which cause damage or inflammation. They are different from the “protective” immune reactions that occur in our body after vaccination (triple vaccine, against measles or pneumococcus) or when suffering from an infection. It is estimated that approximately 10 to 15% of people suffer from some type of allergic disease, and there is evidence that shows that the incidence of those diseases is increasing worldwide. An allergy is the hypersensitivity to particles or substances that are commonly harmless to most people.

Can sensitivity to an allergen change over time?

Yes, sometimes the symptoms of an allergy disappear, but sometimes they can trigger more serious illness. Having a test one day is not enough. If it has been a long time since your last test, it is convenient to undergo the Alex Alergo295 test that will provide you the necessary information that your allergist doctor needs to undergo appropriate treatment.

Which are the most common symptoms when an allergy occurs?

Symptoms may vary, the most common are: sneezing, urticaria, dermatitis, altered digestion and metabolism, lip swelling, rash, vomiting and sometimes suffocation.

Are Allergies Inherited?

As other conditions, the presence of an allergy in the direct relatives can increase the risk of suffering it, however, this is not a determining factor.

If you have allergies, that doesn’t mean your child will for sure have them.

Which are the most common allergies?

Pollen Allergy
Allergy to insect bites and stings
Allergy to mites
Allergy to animal hair
Allergy to spores and fungi
Food Allergy
Allergy to latex

Should I stop my medication for the Alex Alergo295 test?

No, one of the advantages of taking this test is that it is not necessary to stop your medication.

Who are the candidates for the Alex Alergo295 test?

Patients who do not respond to their treatment
Patients with recurrent symptoms
Patients who have had symptoms of an anaphylactic condition
Anyone who suspects that their symptoms can be caused by an allergy
Anyone who wants to know if your family has any allergies or can present it in the future

Can allergic diseases be Cured?

There may not be a permanent cure for your allergy, however, it is possible to get a remission of symptoms for prolonged periods of time.

Can allergic diseases be prevented?

It is not always possible to do it uniformly or definitively, but the treatments can reduce and delay allergy reactions.

How much does Alex Alergo295 test cost?

The introduction price of Alex Alergo295 test is €450 ($9,372 mx*)

Payment should be done in mexican pesos

* Price depends on the exchange rate

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