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Allergy diagnosis has never been more precise and accessible

Just a single blood sample is needed to examine 117 allergenic molecules and 178 allergenic extracts.

There is no need to discontinue medical treatment, including antihistamines or corticosteroids

No fast needed

Suitable for any age, from newborn to elderly

Only a small sample of blood is needed

It identifies allergies that have not yet appeared but could be triggered in the future

Laboratory report with expert interpretation of results

Alex Alergo295 is simply the most complete and up-to-date allergy diagnosis tool available

Appropriate diagnosis

The Alex Alergo295 test is the latest generation of diagnostic tests developed with the most advanced knowledge of nanotechnology for the measurement of specific IgE, using molecular allergens and allergen extracts.

Its use is essential in all allergic diseases such as rhinitis, asthma, urticaria, eczema, anaphylaxis, conjuncjivitis and gastrointestinal disorders.

Alex Alergo295 test is suitable for early detection and diagnosis, particularly in patients with a family history of allergic diseases in the presence of high IgE levels.

The analysis of the test is supported by the most modern technology and developed by the team of experts in molecular allergology.

The molecular allergist is responsible for customizing the individual interpretation of each test, based on the role of individual molecules seen as risk markers.

What does Alex Alergo295 test diagnose?

The Faber test is suited for any of the IgE-mediated diseases to discover the real trigger of the symptoms.

The test integrates 295 allergens in a single test: 117 allergenic molecules and 178 allergenic extracts:

  • Mites and other arthropods and insects
  • Herb pollen (sagebrush, parietaria, ambrosia, plantain, etc.)
  • Pollen from grasses
  • Pollen from trees (cypress, olive, sycamore, hazel, birch, alder, etc.)
  • Animal dander (dog, cat, horse, rat)
  • Molds and yeasts (Alternaria, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Candida, Trycophyton)
  • Animal Source Foods¬†(milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans, meat, molluscs, etc.)
  • Plant foods (wheat, maize, apple, peach, kiwi, soy, peanut, walnut, hazelnut, tomato, strawberry, vegetables, etc.)
  • Insect poisons (bees and wasps)
  • Latex


The Alex Alergo295 test has been introduced in Mexico by Chronolab Systems. If your doctor does not know us yet, send it to our website for Mexico:

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